Thursday, 1 June 2017

Speeding up Road Safety for UK and Thailand?

Khun Ploenpote Atthakor in her Bangkok Post article makes some interesting points on Road Safety in Thailand:

Certainly she was lucky to be let off for speeding: 133 kph in a 90 kph zone: UK Police would be much stricter than Thai Police in such instances.

And she makes a fair point on speeding and German autobahn motorways (only 70mph in UK and 55mph in USA).

But the harsh reality is that speeding is one of the #Fatal4 most common causes of road deaths. Khun Ploenpote may be a superb driver - I'm sure she's not Twittering on her mobile phone at the wheel - but many people are not, and a pothole or a child running out or a patch of oil doesn't allow for reaction at high speeds.

In my Sincerity Advertising role, the "Kill Your Speed Not a Child" advertising campaign stands out as being a superb example of not just enforcing the 30mph limit on minor roads but in encouraging a reduction to 20mph.

Such advertising work is a key thread in ensuring UK is a Road Safety Global Champion - as well as a Sporting Superpower -with the lowest road deaths in the world. Germany probably has less serious injuries- with few if any survivors from a high-speed autobahn crash.

The various UK road organisations: Automobile Association and RAC and Green Flag are also active in promoting cheaper car insurance with advanced driving courses eg Institute of Advanced Motorists.

While in terms of speeding even the Road Safety Police in Kent and Lincolnshire - both with long stretches of motorway and rural roads - emphasise speed safety and have extensive high speed driving experience. Some police road chases are called off for the potential dangers of crashes and injuring bystanders, to call in the police helicopter or air ambulance. While the numerous instances of long-distance lorry drivers even watching television at the wheel is astonishing.

In my politics work: Garbutt for South Thanet MP 8th June I am urging the new speed limit for 20mph, zero drinkdrive limit (drinking and driving also one of the #Fatal4) to reduce the slight increase to 54 KSI (Killed or Seriously Injured) on Kent's roads in the last year.

And to urge a UK-Thailand Road Safety partnership with AIP Foundation and UK and Thailand police.

We are after all speeding along to the Seven Dangerous Days of New Year again in just over 6 months time?


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