Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Garbutt for MP: Kent citizen Joshua French released from Congo Death Row

Tim Garbutt, MP candidate Thanet South election said:

"It's terrific news from yesterday that Joshua French the UK-Norwegian dual national citizen form Margate has been released from Death Row in DRC Congo.

Joshua's case features as point 23 in my A5 manifesto booklet and his release even before the election on 8th June is welcome news - especially with the death of his colleague from malaria - and reassuring for all Kent citizens around the world who may be imprisoned or stranded now or in the future.

Clearly my manifesto focus on ASEAN is key: Danny Glass of Margate facing trial in Thailand from a road accident featured on BBCTV and Kent newspapers, and some 6 months ago a Kent couple stranded in Cambodia. And Thai Red Bull heir Boss in London while wanted by Thai authorities.

I'll be urging both Kent Police International Dept and FCO to work closely on such issues and Costa del Crime havens, Road Safety, web-paedophile incidents in Philippines and drug smuggling given the epidemic of heroin in UK and USA."

Let's hope too that the Infratil directors from the Manston airport crimes now in New Zealand don't evade justice for much longer.

Time for Change


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