Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Garbutt for South Thanet MP: UK Creative Industries and national drift?

Tim Garbutt MP candidate South Thanet said:

"The traditional UK parties have now released all their manifestos - Northern Ireland something of an irrelevance given the collapse of power-sharing so still in emergency measures being run by civil servants.

And already we have a breathtaking Uturn - mercifully - in the repulsive policy of OAPS's selling their homes for NHS Social Care. Astonishing given it was the main manifesto pledge just four days ago.

And foxhunting vote again, a bizarre waste of Parliamentary time given the lack of information on Brexit, and all after a year of the May caretaker government.

It's astonishing UK national drift with Britain still mired in a continued fin de siecle swamp over Europe and 2008 Great Recession and struggling with the end of Empire and Cold War Worriers: the Brexit what-ifs concentrating on the last flakes of Empire in Gibraltar and Falklands if not Ulster.

And Kent's tax haven projects in Pleasurama and Dreamland and Manston: BVI, Cayman Islands and Belize are long overdue for police investigation.

The East Kent UKIP wipeout and Farage defeat - and Mackinlay Battlebus election fraud investigation - means the Remain debate for a Greater British economy is more viable than ever or certainly the 11 months since the Referendum.

And all the more relevant for East Kent's tourism industry - ABTA confirming some £37M in tourism income and £2.6BN spent in Kent citizens preparing for travel.

Plus the value of International students in Kent's 4 Universities.

While the Sunday Times debate on how to fund - or cancel - the BBCTV licence flags up for the Creative Industries the potential in UK TV and Film deals in and beyond EU.

A specific point - as UK's ASEAN MP candidate - would be FreeToAir channel deals with ASEAN broadcasters to promote English language and ASEAN languages.

Brexit or not, UK in Asia, with resurgent USA efforts, needs to raise its game."

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